Mothers Day

Mother's Day Crafts

Picture Frame
  • large thick craft sticks
  • glue
  • glitter
  • small beads or any small type of items to put on picture frame (such as something that sparkles or shines that can be glued on)
  • glitter paint and
  • paint brushes
  • picture for frame
  • magnet strips that can be cut to 1 inch for each frame to be made
  • clear tape
  • scissors
  • Take 4 craft sticks and pick 1 or 2 colors of glitter paint to paint the craft sticks with. Let dry. Try to make the frame just a little but bigger than your picture. Be sure to check the picture to make sure is it going to fit right in the frame. If the frame is a little too big tape the picture onto construction paper and then put into the frame and tape the entire thing onto the back of the frame.
  • After the four craft sticks are dry, glue them together to make a square or a rectangle to fit your picture. Glue the corners on the craft sticks to form the shape you want.
  • After the craft sticks are together and dry start to glue on your decorations to your frame. Write something with a permanent marker onto the frame. One thing to definitely write on is is the year it was made, and Happy Mothers Day.
  • After the decorations are put on, turn the frame over and glue your picture onto all the sides of the frame. Then at the top of your frame after the picture is completely dry glue on the back of the picture in the middle the 1 inch magnetic strip. This way it will stick on the refrigerator all the time as a decoration.
  • This can also be done as a decoration for an ornament for the Christmas Tree. The only difference is to attach a string to the picture frame so it can be hung from a tree.

Butterfly Handprint and Poem
  • Handprint: You will need at least 3 colors of tempera paint and black.
  • White construction paper - brushes

Have the child open his hand and spread his fingers.
The body of the butterfly is painted in black. Start with the tip of the child's middle finger and paint all the way to the bottom of the palm.
Next color the palm on both sides of the black line the first color - I talk about symmetry as I paint.
Then paint the thumb and pinky finger with the second color. Lastly paint the last two remaining fingers with the third color.
I like to have at least 6 colors available so that all of the butterflies are different.

Next press the hand onto a piece of white construction paper. Make sure to keep the middle finger still and move the other fingers to expand the "wings" of the butterfly. ( I make sure my paper is big enough for two prints - I just print the first one and then move the hand to another area and print again - I use the second handprint as a bulletin board butterfly or sometimes hang from the ceiling).

When the paint dries you can add antennae with a marker.
Cut out butterfly and mount on a contrasting piece of construction paper with the following poem:

This isn't just a Butterfly
As you can plainly see.
I made it with my hand
Which is a part of me.
It comes with lots of Love
Especially to say
I hope you have a very
Happy Mother's Day

Author Elaine Magud

These are very beautiful if laminated.